So....I'm a notorious snacker. When I have to sit still, I always feel the need to snack (perhaps it is my need to multi task?). So a key part to my detox is having lots of healthy snacks nearby. One of my favourite snacks is edamame.

You can pick up a bag of these delicious soybeans for about $2 (about 4 servings) in all Oriental grocery stores and a lot of normal grocery stores carry them as well. So not only are they affordable, but they are really healthy as well. They are high in fibre, protein and nutrients and if you want more info check out this site Nutrition Data.

1/4 lb frozen edamame
1 medium sized pot of boiling water
2 Tbsp of salt

1. Add salt to water in medium pot and bring to a vigorous boil.

2. Gently drop in frozen edamame. Cook until bright green, about 2 minutes.

3. Drain into a colander. Season with your favourite salt.

Afternoon snack! Seaweed and Sesame Seed Salted Edamame.