Food I loathe thee

New York City is food lover's dream, in the city that never sleeps there is a seemingly endless number of restaurants, bakeries, cafes and foodie destinations and there are new places opening up every hour. So here's the problem, where should you eat?

Last Friday, as I wandered home from lower Manhattan, I had my first sub-par food experience. It was on Prince street, and the aroma of chicken, lamb and gyro grilled on a flat top cart was simply too much to resist. So, I decided to try my first NYC street food cart....and I am still suffering from food regret from the oily, gristle filled, slight dry gyro. Food regret is a terrible thing, after all there are 3 maybe 4 meals (if you really push it) in a day and the idea of wasting one of these precious meals on some sub standard meal, well it fills me with disdain.

The whole debacle on Friday left me wondering, how am I going to prevent food regret? Also, I don't want to just prevent food regret but I want to make sure I do not leave NYC without eating my way through the city's finest and most delicious hidden gems. As a borderline obsessive compulsive list maker, clearly the answer was to make my own list of must eats.

So that is what I am going to do, research the city's various food blogs, recent restaurant awards and get recommendations from NYC veterans and compile a list of the best places and things to eat. Feel free to send me some recommendations if you have any and stay tuned as I compile a list of must-eats in NYC.....