Just another day in the kitchen?

It was 11pm, and I was packing down my station after a busy night of dinner service, with over 250 covers. All of a sudden, my iPhone buzzed with the text message that I had been waiting for...."Congratulations, you've made the list of finalists! Woohoo".

All of a sudden, the kitchen seemed completely silent to me, all I could think about was what this meant and what lay before me. So, now I have to convince a jury of culinary experts that I am the right person to be a Basque Stage.

The second stage of the competitions involves three parts:
  • BY APRIL 10: video
  • BY APRIL 17: food blog post
  • BY APRIL 22: resume & essay
F0r the video we had full creative freedom, so we could do anything from a cooking video, trip to a market or just a monologue about my passion for food. Whenever I talk about food and think about where my passion comes from, it always goes back to one thing, my mom and her Phở. Growing up, it was my favourite meal, partly because it was delicious and partly because I loved the anticipation of the final product. My mom always took meticulous steps, to make sure the broth was clear and well-seasoned, as a result our home would have the aroma of Phở for a whole day before it was ready to eat. One of my culinary dreams is to find a way to share my passion and love for Vietnamese flavours with the world, and this video demonstrates my take on my favourite food.

BasqueStage Candidate Video from Jane Tran on Vimeo.

The opportunity to join Martin Berasategui's team would be a dream come true. All I have ever hoped for is the chance to work with people who are passionate and knowledgeable about food and willing to share that expertise with me. I've been lucky enough to have some great kitchen mentors, who have taught me a lot (thanks guys!), but the chance to work all sections of a kitchen, work in a 3 michelin star restaurant, practice my Spanish and live in the Basque region is a chance of a lifetime. I know that this experience would change my life forever. If chosen, I would work, eat and learn everything there is to learn about Basque food, lo promento!

Stay tuned as I work on my next blog post for the contest!