Basque Stage Finale

I didn't win.....

Funny how three little words could be so incredibly difficult to say out loud to my friends and family, but it has been difficult. 

The contest has been a journey of self discovery for me, challenging me to ask myself who I am, what I want to cook, and to be brave, brave enough to put up my ideas on food here on the web for everyone to see. The past two months have made me realize that I need to continue to find sources of inspiration, whether at the local market, through a cookbook or at a stage at a great restaurant. The competition has been a wonderful experience and a catalyst for culinary innovation within me. It made me realize I can create my own path in the kitchen that might be a little unconventional, but I've never been that conventional anyways.

I wanted to send my heartfelt congratulation to the Basque Stage Program for putting me in the top 30 and giving me the opportunity to compete for this amazing opportunity. To the winners Luuk Hoffman and Brenden Darby, it was a pleasure to read both of your blogs and videos. It was truly inspiring to see your enthusiasm and passion for food, I wish you all the best in Spain and in life.

Also, I wanted to express my sincere thanks to a few key people who helped me get into the Top 30:
  • Thank you so much to Jeremy Robins for his help with my video, I would've never been able to do it without your help and and that shot of tequila!
  • To my Brooklyn family, thank you for believing in me and talking me into entering this competition, I would have never had the courage to do it without you all.
  • To my dear family and friends, who have always enthusiastically encouraged me....Thank you.
As for me, this is not the end but the beginning. I truly believe that when every door closes another is open. So these days, I've been wandering the streets of London, being inspired and finding my own way. Stay tuned as there are some pretty delicious things in the works.