This is officially day two of my detox and so far my BF and friends have largely mocked my detox plans, as I am pretty much a hard core carnivore by nature. However a trip to the grocery store strengthens my resolve as my stomach basically churns at the site of butter, meat, cheese and foie gras. 

Decided to celebrate my 24 hrs of detox at a champagne bar with my BFF (hey 24 hrs of being a vegetarian is a landmark for me, don't judge)....but alas that is when things got a bit derailed. You see, there is only one person I've ever met who is more of a carnivore than I am, which is my BFF. She has the appetite of a 16yr old linebacker, yet is a petite Asian women - I know, it's really unfair. 

Whilst we sipped on champagne and raw oysters, I somehow agreed to embark on a little ramen food tour to see if London's ramen food scene was as good as the recent articles and blog reviews suggest. Now ramen, for those of you unfamiliar with it is basically a really rich pork broth with fresh ramen noodles, simmered pork belly and egg. Not exactly detox friendly, right? 

Well after one night with the BFF, here was the damage: 6 oysters, 1 bowl of pork ramen (@Tonkotsu - review to be posted soon), 1 bowl of pork ramen with extra fatty soup (@BoneDaddies - review to be posted soon), 1 moon cake, purchased instant ramen and snacks at Asian grocery store, and 1 glass of champagne. Will definitely need to go back to my detox tomorrow.